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All About Crypto

Blockchain Tech

The Blockchain is a system that records transactional data when crypto currency is sent between a sender and receiver. 

Currency Mining

Our company makes it easy to start their Crypto journey with no hassle to the user and step by step instructions on how to properly use the device.

Storing Your Coins

Storing your Crypto involves a digital wallet to receive the coins from a given transaction. All that is required is a digital wallet along with the sender sending the currency to the given address.


Our mission is to provide cutting edge gaming equipment for everyone's individual needs, always keeping the customer in mind.


Stay connected to friends and family through our cutting edge technology build for user convince and practicality. 

Immersive Experience

All gaming equipment sold by Next Frontier is capable to handle any next generation games to their fullest potential. This includes but is not limited to 8k capabilities 150 FPS and up to 24GB's of memory.

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Popular Mining Tech

Crypto mining is an ever growing and immersive community that creates wealth by passive income. Here at Next Frontier our mission is to provide our clients with the most up to date mining gear to give you the best possible mining experience, including some of the mst limited and hard to get graphic cards right at your fingertips 


Our Tier 3 crypto rig is a Great place to get started earning the biggest bang for your buck. With the newest equipment this rig makes mining crypto currency quick and easy.
Parts: EVGA 1600W G2 80+ Gold, Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A, Intel Core i7-8700k.

Our brand new Geforce RTX 3090 is the strongest GPU we offer with a hashrate of 120 MH/s this is the quickest mining GPU on the market. If you pair a few of these together you'll see the money come rolling in.

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The brand new 16in Macbook with 256GB of storage is perfect for all students. With enough storage to write and save as many papers as needed and the high-quality Liquid Retina XDR display any shows or movies will have vibrant colors and in detail shadows.


At Next Frontier, we provide quality computers, not just for crypto miners or students but for the ones who want to escape reality and jump into a game with their friends. Our 3 tiers of gaming computers provide the highest quality parts for the lowest possible price. Our computers are ranked by tiers with tier 1 being the least expensive and tier 3 being the most expensive but with the best parts. You can always add or upgrade your CPU and GPU as well if you want your computer to run faster and have a better display.

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Our laptops are designed and tailored for the use of students at all levels. We only provide laptops with the highest quality displays and the fastest processors including the Mac Book with a Liquid Retina XDR display and an intel core i5 processor one of the fastest on the market. And the Google Pixel goes with a Touch screen LCD display and an Intel Core i7-8500Y. Both of these laptops have more than enough storage to get you through all your years of school.

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About Us

Within this past year two of the most common forms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have experienced unparalleled rapid growth since 2009. Next Frontier specializes in the sale of computers and computer components that provide customers with the knowledge and power to mine cryptocurrency, the newest and fastest-growing form of investment. 

Meet The Team

Lukas Bjork
Brett Liotta             Kevin Landa        Peyton Dacy
      COO                           CFO                      CMO
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